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Hermione in the Buffyverse

I feel like going the LiraSnape route and posting lists. Oh well. The rules are simple: Hermione must play a major role, and no delusional ships (i.e. no Ron/Hermione). If you want to suggest a fic, send me its name, author, url(s), and if possible, your favourite quotes from it (and what chapter they are from), the length of the fic, and whether it's abandoned / inprogress / completed / coulduseabeta.

Grangerverse / Slayerverse Crossovers

These are fics where the Grangerverse crosses over with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel.

Sirenes Complete by dharkcharlotte. Complete, 100K words. Hermione/Oz, Snape/Drusilla. No other Scoobies. When Hermione is almost beaten to death, Drusilla takes her to Oz to take care of her. This is the start of Dru's strange family of misfits, allies who will help some bloke called Harry beat some bloke called Tom. Has some of the better Severus-Hermione banter outside ashwinder and excellent Drusillian dialogue. Thanks to earthsong05 for the rec!

"Was that a joke?" asked Hermione. "Yes, I think it was! If this is what regular shagging does to you, I say we need to chain Dru to your bed.” The thoughtful look on Severus’ face sent Hermione into loud giggling as she exited the flat.

Refuse to Forget by Wynter Nytes. 38K words, 20 chapters, complete (though the author is rewriting it here).

Hermione was called as the Vampire Slayer at the end of her third year. THEY took her away. THEY stripped her of everything dear to her. Harry, Dumbledore et al couldn't stop THEM. Now, four years later, she returns to Hogwarts, and to a past she left behind.

New Life Meets Old Life by dozygirl.

In a former life, Buffy Summers was called Hermione Granger. And now she's back.

Slayer Serendipity by Yeah That Girl. 7K words, 6 chapters, in progress. Also on Portkey.

Hermione travels to LA to get the help of Buffy et al. They're glad to help - not just in the fight against Tom, but also in getting poor Harry from the delusional clutches of Ginny :)

The Keepers by belgium-morning. 23K words, 11 chapters, complete. Written Jul-Dec 2006.

It's been five years since the final battle. Her parents are dead, victims of a horrific car accident. Tired of it all, Hermione left Britain for LA. She's an investigative journalist there - and her current object of investigation is a certain law firm... which is when Draco turns up, begging her to return to England and help Harry get back on his emotional feet and the Order battle against a new threat. Buffy et al offer to help. Suffers from past RHr, but that's mollified by Ron being in an optimal state i.e. dead.

Hermione the Vampire Slayer by DevilShoes. 13K words, 6 chapters. Complete. Written in July 2005. Parody.

Hermione Granger, bookworm, prize pupil, Slayer? by Junella : 37K words, 17 chapters, last updated Dec 05. Hermione is called. She is delighted... not.

Draco Malfoy raised a mocking brow as he watched one very bedraggled Muggleborn witch stalk out of her room. “My, my, look at what the cat dragged in last night.”

“Shut up, Malfoy, or I shall personally ensure you’ll never celebrate Father’s Day,” she threw back over her shoulder as she stomped over to the door, yanking it open so hard it bounced off the wall. He could hear her stamping all the way down the stairs. Shaking his head, he made a mental note not to cross his colleague that day.

She had no idea how she had gotten through the morning, but in some mysterious way, she did. The news of her calling felt surreal to her when faced with the routine of her everyday life, and she had to constantly remind herself of it. Chicken stew for lunch and I’m the Slayer. Lesson on Confounding Charms and I’m the Slayer; Crookshanks seriously needs a bath, and did I mention I’m the Slayer?

Hermione the Chosen One by CASSIE.D 101. 12K words, 7 chapters, in progress. Sirius/Hermione.

Sometimes I feel like that I’m no longer a witch anymore... I never take my wand with me anywhere no longer. It’s like I replaced my wand with a stake or holy water or some other thing to kill vampires and demons.... Well of course I care if I have my wand, I love my wand and I love magic, but for now magic isn’t a part of my life and I need to concentrate on my destiny, not Harry’s destiny or the wizarding world’s destiny.

Hermione the Vampire Slayer by emoforever. 17K words, 14 chapters, last updated April 06.

Hermione finds out she is sisters with Buffy Summers, and a potential.

The Hermione Chronicles by Hope3. 17K words, 8 chapters. Complete. Written in Jan 2001. Could use some formatting.

Ghostly Watcherly Witches by Mist of Rainbows. 165K words, 28 chapters, completed. Written Sep 05 - Dec 06.

A technical glitch (aka a Willowy Magical Booboo) has caused Slayer powers to be activated in girls across different dimensions. One is Hermione Granger, so Dawn and Willow have to collect her. Another technical glitch means that they arrive sartorially challenged. Fortunately, Hermione doesn't mind so much. Femmeslash :) Dawn/Willow/Hermione. Buffy makes a few cameo appearances.

The Necromancer by Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands. 16K words, 10 chapters, last updated Sep 06.

Hermione becomes entanged in Voldemort's plans and takes on dark powers that will allow her to control the dead, including vampires.

Hermione the Vampire Slayer by Nala Twist. 37K words, 21 chapters, last updated May 2003.

Hermione finds out she is the slayer, and from there on her life is turned upside down. All She can do is watch everything pass her by, and save what she can.

Wolfram and Hart's New Guest by jessebelle. 5K words, 27 chapters, last updated Aug 06.

Unforeseen Consequences: Heart of Darkness by Arjen. 13K words, oneshot.

Dawn-centric, but Hermione POV. Hermione is forced to bring Dawn Summers and another kid to Diagon Alley. Dawn - both when possessed and not - isn't impressed. Draco gets his arse kicked.

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