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Sevione Fics - Severus / Hermione Fics I have enjoyed...

The fanfic writers who ride this ship tend to be adults or mature humans capable of writing excellent stories. It's been suggested that that's because there's so much baggage to overcome in this ship that only the best writers have a go at it. There are lots of other lists of this type, of course, so this is mostly for my own amusement and records.

Like Father, Like Daughter by Kailin is definitely the funniest SSHG oneshot out there.

Pawn To Queen by Riley of the famous Severusophile writer's collective La Société des Femmes Dangereuses a.k.a.

Spellcaster by SGCbearcub. Post-HBP. Snape's POV, but it's definitely all about Hermione. And feminism, and fighting, Ministry enslavement, and a lot of Pureblood Ritual, comparable to lightningonthewave. A remarkable fic. Calling it HGSS would be a bit of a stretch, even if she is married to him and using him as a sex toy. (Don't worry, it's a serious fic, not an excuse for kinky prose.)

Molly would not be satisfied until a son or a husband became Minister of Magic and her daughter was wed to The Chosen One. She had chosen Miss Granger for her youngest son the moment they started calling the girl the brightest witch of her age. The only thing likely to sooth her outrage over Miss Granger's deliberate rejection of Potter's other lieutenant was the removal of the witch from the list of serious contenders for the position of Mrs. Harry Potter.
Far be it for Severus to call attention to the fact that Miss Granger's control over Potter extended far beyond anything a wife could accomplish.

"Hermione," Ron pleaded."Don't do this. This stupid law has made us all crazy. I'll marry you. You know I will. Please..."
"What's the difference?" Granger demanded. "I whore for him or I whore for you. Is that what you want?"

"You," said Snape to Harry, "on the other hand, declared an oath of fealty when you created that ill-advised army of yours two years ago. An oath Dumbledore accepted and which you yourself freely acknowledged and reaffirmed with the Minister himself as witness. That is old magic, Potter. Such an oath holds until you recant or die. I was acting as an agent of the Dark Lord. Neither Voldemort nor any of his Death Eaters can touch you."

Hermione looked at her blankly."Maybe you just didn't know me very well."
"I'm not sure I want to know you now!" Ginny snapped.
Hermione shrugged. "Tough."
She spun on her heel and strode toward Flourish and Blotts without a backward glance. She felt a mild pang of regret for what she had said, but it was lost in the anger. Hermione was done with being emotionally blackmailed by Weasley women.

Contemplations of Birth by Saavik13. Hermione isn't a Mudblood. With her Pureblood heritage comes an arranged marriage - to escape it, she chooses to marry Snape. Dumbledore officiates. The bride and groom are permitted one witness each - Hermione brings Harry, Snape brings Lucius... and that's just the start... story has sequels...

Snape's voice got quieter when Albus looked skeptical, "I want my best friend there, Albus. Even if he is an evil to be killed, the man is my friend ... I want him to see my bonding. I'll make sure he behaves reasonably well for a manic-depressive psychotic with delusions of grandeur.... "You're going to call your own wife Ms. Penwrath?" Minerva's tone was incredulous. "Honey bunny would not facilitate the proper amount of respect." Minerva blinked at him. He had made a joke. Severus Snape had joked. Her world really was ending....

"No offense Severus, but I am a Gryffindor for a reason. I'm smart enough for Ravenclaw and I work hard enough for Hufflepuff. It should not surprise anyone that I can plot like a Slytherin. But I lack the ambition of your house. I just want to read and work through my equations. And save the world on my down time along with Harry and Ron."

"Not so fast, Severus. Apologize to Crookshanks. You scared him." The positively chilling tone to Hermione's voice halted his progress.
"That monster jumped on my BACK, with his claws out! He is lucky to be alive."
"Severus." Snape wondered how one word could contain such a promise of pain...
"My most humble apologies, you lousy excuse for a rat trap." He glared down at the orange mini-devil as it rubbed cat hairs onto his black trousers.

Of Debts and Debt Collection by TimeTurnerForSale. Post-HBP. The Order finds that Dumbledore ordered Snape to kill him. Soon afterwards, the Potions Master turns up at Hogwarts, near death. Despite his best efforts, Hermione deals with him. Meanwhile, he has to train Harry to fight... The story is about 2/3 Snape-centred, 1/3 Hermione-centred.

"Severus, do try to be easy on him," Minerva said, placing a hand on his arm. "This is a tremendous burden to bear."
Severus jerked his arm away and said viciously, "Really? Interesting. I couldn't possibly comprehend what it feels like to be manipulated in a grand plan and forced to kill."
Minerva recoiled as if struck. "Severus, I didn't mean that you didn't -"
Observing her reaction, he interrupted, "Who was around to pity me when I was cursed to near death because I failed to deliver Potter? Who cared when, instead of seeking help for my wounds, I first went to Dumbledore to give my report, fearing I might die before delivering it? Do you know how many times I have bled on the very steps that lead to your office? Do not speak to me about burdens."

Survivors by Dyce. The war is over. The Light won. Snape is broken. Hermione wants to fix him. Snape doesn't want to be fixed. The story of a partnership between two temperamental, bossy, and broken people in a new world.

Looking for Magic by hypnobarb. Slowly developed romance between two academic types who both wish to do their part for the Order. Very long (over 400 000 words, could reach 500 000 when done). Good reading for research geeks and those who love detail and humour.

“What time am I supposed to arrive at headquarters? Is this supposed to be a surprise party?”
“You should be there at eight. This is not a surprise party, as everyone thought you might react a bit strongly and start hexing everyone. As it is, you may not blow up your cake.”
“I will not blow up the cake.”
No. I will incinerate it.
“You will be nice to everyone who is there.”
“You push me too far, Minerva. I am known to be a Death Eater,” I whisper in an emphatic, but hushed tone.
“Very well, you have to be nice for half an hour. Then you may be grumpy.”
“If I am nice for an hour and no Unforgiveables are cast, may I leave?”
“If you blow out the candles nicely after we sing you Happy Birthday, you may leave after you open your presents. You must say ‘thank you’ for the presents.”
I must be certain to add Trelawney-specific wards to my quarters before I leave tonight to ensure she does not attempt to make herself a gift to me as a means of making my birthday more pleasant. Pustules, perhaps?
Fortunately, the staff seemed to understand that there really were limits as to how far I should be pushed about this birthday business. Cake was served, but I was not expected to blow out any candles, nor was I serenaded with the Happy Birthday song. This was for the best, because it was a most excellent Black Forest gateau and it would have been a shame to torch the whole thing.

Women On Top by Maddy-Riddle. LM/HG/SS ; the ships aren't the centerpiece of the story, but Hermione fans will like this WIP.

The Minister decided that the war was nothing more than two factions, or rebels, fighting each other, so both sides should pay for the deaths they had caused. So now, Death Eaters and Order members were sharing cells in Azkaban while the Minister gloated in his office about how clever he was.

And that's how Hermione came to share her living space (a three by three metres cell with two mattresses, a sink and a toilet, and a barred window with a beautiful view of the ocean) with none other than Bellatrix Lestrange.

"What do you think if we stop this staring contest and work together to survive?" said Hermione. Sighing at Bella's silence, she continued, "I intend to live several decades more, and I guess you wouldn't do me the favour of dropping dead any time soon either, so what do you say about figuring out how to make this situation less horrid?"

Bella thought that the young woman was a bit straight forward for her taste, but she was not only human, she seemed to be in possession of a brain, too. And so their acquaintance started. Partnership began the first time they planned to attack one of the guards to steal more food, and their complicity grew as they started planning bigger things. Like taking over the Wizarding World. Two months after that, no one would have thought they had been enemies in the past.

They didn't have a lot at their disposal, so they had to rely on each other's knowledge. Both women were very grateful they hadn't been stuck up plotting with a witless man.

When a Lioness fights by Kayly Silverstorm.

"She was Hermione Granger, Head Girl and star pupil, friend to the Boy Who Lived, unofficial member of the Order of the Phoenix. She was Hermione Granger, muggleborn Death Eater, lover to Lucius Malfoy, plaything to the Dark Lord, traitor and spy. Hermione Granger, Potion-addicted madwoman that headed towards certain doom.... And then the images crowded in on him. Uncountable times Snape saw her kneeling near the Dark Lord, laughing with him, slicing, hurting and hexing those brought before him.

He saw her tortured by the Death Eaters of the Inner Circle, and he felt what she felt, felt that she was drawing it all in, bursting and wanting more, saw her taken by all of them and begging for more, and like the mad whirling of a hurricane it consumed him, until he couldn¡´t distinguish what was his and hers any longer, until he felt the orgiastic pleasures, the exquisite pain and the will to dominate, to prove herself, to show it to them all...

Hinge of Fate by Ramos.

Hermione was raped by Snape when he was under Lucius' Imperio. Things develop from there.

"Oh, it is a good story," Remus replied glibly. "See, it all starts with Hermione Granger being snatched by Lucius Malfoy's little Death Eating ass-kissers, and then our friend here letting Malfoy get a wand up on him."
"Malfoy should be buggered by a hippogriff," Sirius bit out.
"For once, Black, I agree with you," Severus told him.

Why are you following me?" Hermione demanded of the boys who had been trailing her for a while now.
Ron and Harry exchanged a look. "Because Snape asked us to," Harry finally confessed. Ron's face screwed up, waiting for the outrage. It was not long in coming.
"Of ALL the NERVE!" she exploded. "How DARE he? I'm two months from graduating -- I'm bloody well HEAD GIRL! Do I look like I need a babysitter?"
"Maybe in a few months," Ron pointed out rashly. The glare he received in return was dangerous.
"Look, Hermione," added Harry quickly as she turned her ire on him. "He's just worried about you. He only asked us to keep an eye on you to make sure Malfoy or one of his little scrotes didn't give you a hard time."
"Yeah," chimed in Ron. "He called it an olive branch, whatever that's supposed to mean."
Hermione's mouth opened and closed several times before she could make her voice work again. "That is so... so... SLYTHERIN of him! He recruits you two to watch over me day and night by asking you to do it as a favor. That way you three get to be manly and play back-slapping bloody heroes all together, while I get to be the damsel in distress! And he knows that if I kick up a fuss about it and make you stop, it will be my fault that the three of you can't get along!!"
"Pretty much," Harry admitted lamely.
"Clever git, isn't he?" commented Ron.

Incident in the Great Hall by Acadia Elle.

Draco kills Hermione. Snape kills himself. Albus sends Harry back with a Time Turner to fix this. During his journey, Harry discovers that his best friend has been married to his second worst enemy (Tom's #1) for the past year.

Beyond Time and Space by Lady Strange.

Snape died in the Final Battle, and is now a ghost. Hermione is the new Potions and Arithmancy teacher, and as snarky and cynical as he ever was. A story that will teach you a great deal of philosophy and Greek thought. (To the 30 odd readers who complain that the plot and the meaning of the story is too philosophical to understand, let me stress: It is not philosophical; it's political philosophical. I am not a philosopher, BUT a political philosopher. There is a difference. Philosophy is the quest for the truth. Philosophy is necessarily preceded by opinions about the whole. Political philosophy is the quest for knowledge. Political philosophy seeks to replace opinions about the whole by knowledge of whole..." - author's note in chapter 18)

“Confound the werewolf! He is a well-intentioned one, I am aware (Hermione gaped incredulously at this admission). For Merlin’s sake, you’re not a snake. I can devise a hundred easier ways of suicide; do not kill yourself by dislocating your jaw. It does nothing to enhance the twisted shape of your mouth.”
She smirked uneasily at his backhanded compliment.
“Lupin is still a werewolf at the end of the day. He cannot be trusted fully – he tends to prevaricate.”
“And you don’t?” she challenged, while summoning Dr John Dee’s Necromancy.
“I,” he stressed in an important manner, “Have made it an art form necessary to survival.”
“That’s bravado!” She smirked at his curling lips. “Now behave, no teeth gnashing. Raising the dead now, transmission of rabies later.”

Arithmancy for Muggles by FlyingEgg. Good stuff, regrettably abandoned. Hermione's calculations state that Magical Britain is doomed. The Ministry isn't impressed.

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