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Definitions for the Hermiophile

Some definitions I use in my posts...

Grangerverse. n. The Potterverse when it's centered on Hermione Jane Granger. Considers the RHr part of HBP either nonexistent, a youthful error on Hermione's part, or a delusional fancy of Jo Rowling.

Delusional. adj. Anyone, including Jo, who believes that Ron is good enough for Hermione as a long-term love interest.

Rowl. v. The act of creating a literary character who occupies a larger space than the author intended, followed by the act of refusing to recognize this. E.g. "Hermione Granger and Sherlock Holmes are both victims of rowling".

Childism. n. Clues in a fanfic that the author is immature e.g. song lyrics, author notes with too many exclamation points or OMG!s, major and frequent grammatical and spelling errors, oversimplistic plot with unidimensional characters.

Hermione Jane. n. Character of Hermione from Canon Books 1 to 5. A strong witch.

Hermione Jean. n. Character of Hermione from Canon Books 6 and 7. Not included in the Grangerverse. A simpering hormonal lass.

Jealousy. n. Ron's primary emotion, after the desire for more food to inhale.

Mudbrain. n. Believer in Blood Purity.

Colanderous. adj. To be full of holes, like a colander or sieve. "The belief that Hermione always follows the rules is grossly colanderous.

Telligent. adj. stupid, the opposite of intelligent. Applicable to Ron Weasley and his delusional supporters.

Bushy. adj. The best kind of hair, full of character and wildness.

MUST. n. Acronym for Major Unexplored Ship Topic e.g. Dean/Hermione, Remus/Lily, Padma/Hermione.

Frontkick. n. A character who appears to be the protagonist but is actually the sidekick. e.g. "Harry Potter is Hermione's frontkick."

Fangirl. n. See Weasley, Ginevra.

Hot. adj. Hermione when she's dressed in casual, preferably loose, clothing and is NOT all dolled up. (See pink jumper pic.)

Yacht. n. Small ship that's far better to be on than a big ship.

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